About our nursery:

Nursery is the very beginning of your child’s exciting school journey. Our aim is to support your children to become happy and enthusiastic learners. We provide them with a safe and stimulating environment (both indoors and outdoors) where they can play, learn and grow based on their own interests and needs, scaffolded by the 7 areas of learning outlined in the Early Years curriculum.


Our class teacher is: Miss Gardner

Our teaching assistants are: Mrs Ranford and Miss Beale.

If you would like to get in touch about anything or have any questions please feel free to email me on: hgardner@st-peters.hereford.sch.uk


When your child starts nursery, you will receive a QR code to connect with your child's Seesaw journal. We upload photos and news to this regularly to keep you up to date. You can also use Seesaw to message me with any queries you might have, or to share anything that your child has been doing at home.


Our Autumn topic web:

This is split into the 7 areas of the Early Years curriculum and tells you in more detail how we will be supporting your child’s development in these areas. On the second page you can see the specific links with the curriculum.

Our Autumn timetable:

Here you can see a breakdown of our week in more detail.